A Time for Opportunities Anew

In the midst of the extraordinary circumstances and uncertainty we are facing in today’s world I would like to share some potential resources that may facilitate moving forward during this remarkable experience from a source of strength. Extraordinary, intense situations open wonder-filled opportunities for renewal.

Potential Sources of Strength in the Joy of staying at Home

• A time to experience global unity in humanity.
• A time to listen and share more extensively with our beloved ones.
• A time to appreciate music and other artistic manifestations.
• A time to reconsider priorities.
• A time to renew old and new friendships.
• A time to give the best of ourselves in all circumstances.
• A time for spiritual practices – prayer, meditation, walking in silence…
• A time to ponder what is essential.
• A time to remember all the beautiful things in life.
• A time to think about key decisions.
• A time for acceptance of what is.
• A time to learn and expand through the intensification of pain.
• A time for creative activity.
• A time for reflection and contemplation.
• A time to bring value anew to what is meaningful in life.
• A time to deepen special relationships.
• A time to resolve interpersonal situations.
• A time to open to change and new possibilities.
• A time to nurture our sense of well-being.
• A time to explore new ideals.
• A time for a heightened gratitude for life and all that is.
• A time for kindness, compassion and understanding anew.
• A time to treasure life in ever-deeper ways.
• A time to just BE YOU, individually and socially.
• A time to gain a renewed sense of strength, knowing all is well.
• A time to live in the moment, knowing all is well.
• A time to experience the unity of all, knowing all is well.

May Love, Peace and Hope brightly shine!

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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