Focus is Manifestation, Part 1

Living Life Forward has been at the core of my ongoing approach throughout the years while embracing the idea that Focus is Manifestation, or “that which you focus on, you  strengthen.”  

I believe everything comes to us for a reason.  It is strange how things and events are linked to each other, leading us along without our being aware that we are on a journey to some special opportunity to learn something, be inspired to follow a new or different direction in life and/or to discover a new way to be of service.  The potential for a new path opening in life is always there.

Once in a while, something happens in our daily routine that truly challenges our ability to manage change in our lives: a severe illness, the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, a major change in the work environment, a new career, etc.

I have developed a series of strategies to adjust to new circumstances — seeing situations as a creative challenge rather than as an overwhelming obstacle — and I would like to share some of them with you in a series of three articles.  Today we will focus on those times when we experience “Confronting a New Reality”, when it is hard to believe that things have changed.  The second article will be about those moments when we experience “Uncertainty”, a time when it is difficult to see what to do next.  The third and final note will describe some strategies I have found valuable concerning “Rebuilding”, moving ahead embracing each moment in a Life Lived Forward.

Confronting a New Reality

           Some of the keys I have found meaningful in managing life’s challenges, those situations when it is difficult to accept that things have changed, and longing for a sense of serenity and inner poise. 

  • Become involved in a low risk, high reward commitment
  • Reach out for ideas and support
  • Give it time, be patient
  • Stay in touch with your own thoughts and feelings
  • Begin a new or expanded exercise program
  • Implement practical measures and test how they work
  • Stay in contact with family and friends

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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