Focus is Manifestation – Part 3

Living Life Forward has been at the core of my ongoing approach throughout the years while embracing the idea that Focus is Manifestation, or “that which you focus on, you  strengthen.”  (For antecedents on this topic, please see my previous two articles on this website.)


On this occasion, I would like to share some of the strategies I have developed and found of value in creating a renewed identity, new goals and a new visualization of the future while embracing each moment.  For me, this desire arises once I have accepted that circumstances have changed, and have gone through a period of uncertainty about what to do next.  I have found that after some time, I am usually ready to rebuild a fresh sense of purpose in intentional living.

o        Visualize success.  Believe it can happen.

o        Choose a new pattern before a routine establishes itself

o        Keep open communication with meaningful people about feelings, needs, plans

o        Set new priorities and goals

o        Embrace each moment

o        Continue assessing interests

o        Remember change/adjustment is a process – it takes time for results

o        List accomplishments

o        Notice the difference – and celebrate progress

To finish this series, here are some of the affirmations from a fellow philosopher which  have been relevant to me in fostering constancy in a renewal process.

“I enter every experience with the whole of myself.”

“I bring new life to everything in which I participate.”

“I live today in gratitude for yesterday.”

 “I live life with never-ceasing interest.”

“My heart is opened wide to every song of life.”

Focus is Manifestation – that is, how we think and act is what will be – is my approach in moving forward.  I know that all experiences are a privilege, wonder-filled opportunities to understand life deeper and rejoice in living.

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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