New Commitments

Most of us have experienced a passionate commitment with a larger purpose which brings energy anew to our lives.  Our impact broadens through our imagination and dedication.  As we open space in our daily lives and develop ever more specific interests throughout the years when some of our initial personal and professional responsibilities have been fulfilled, the potential for participation in new activities expands and opportunities never before expected open in front of us to join fascinating groups and activities.

The process of shifting our focus toward new commitments and activities can be  sometimes challenging and bring uncertainty as we open to explore new grounds of realization.  A few decades ago, it took me months of concentrated effort to redefine how I might begin a new cycle, once an early stage in my career had been happily completed.  “What guidance can I follow to commit to a new or expanded purpose in life?”, I wondered….  I have now discovered this is a dynamic ongoing process filled with a sense of creativity and enthusiasm each day.

When contemplating the possibility of accepting new commitments as life becomes increasingly more complex or perhaps simpler, here are a few questions that have been meaningful in my decision-making process as I move forward in life.

  • Is this potential commitment consistent with my core values and beliefs?
  • How does it relate with my mission in life?
  • Does it spark my creativity?
  • Do I experience a strong eagerness to commit in this new area?
  • Is it healthy? Does it bring beauty anew to my life?
  • Do I see potential to discover new perspectives and expand my understanding?
  • Does it bring peace and harmony to my life and others?

Every new start, if made in the light of our underlying creative spiritual purpose will strengthen our potential for spiritual spontaneity.

There is freedom and everlasting joy in our ability to choose our commitments!

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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